Kombucha is a fermented beverage made with black, green, and/or white tea. It is created using a colony of bacteria and yeast. The fermentation of kombucha produces a carbonated drink full of probiotics, live enzymes, and beneficial acids when left raw. Because kombucha improves gut health, it is found to be highly beneficial to the body in multiple ways.

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All kombucha is NOT alike. Purely Living Kombucha is NOT enlightened or diluted. It is a pure, highly concentrated, living kombucha. It is made with pure and raw ingredients, in a highly controlled environment and a time-consuming method. This allows the highest quality kombucha with the highest amounts of LIVE probiotics, cultures, enzymes, and nutrients. Purely Living Kombucha retains the most effective and powerful ingredients you will find. We do not use artificial flavors, colors, pasteurized juice, extracts, nor dried essences.

  • TEA
    Purely Living Kombucha uses only tea that is shipped directly from the crop to our facility. Our tea is selected for the finest quality among crops and tea plants available at the season. The crops are highly monitored, traced, and tested helping to eliminate low quality tea commonly contaminated with toxins including heavy metals. Unfortunately, there are no heavy metal testing requirements on tea, water, and other consumable products. In addition, our water system has been designed and custom built to remove heavy metals and other contaminants to produce top quality kombucha.
    Purely Living Kombucha is raw and of the highest quality. It contains only hand-pressed raw fruit, honey, ginger, and other raw ingredients which give the kombucha it's fresh flavor and vibrant color. This time-consuming procedure keeps the nutrients from being destroyed, denatured, or damaged. Using raw fruit allows the antioxidants and whole nutritional components to be retained. We take our time in fermenting and producing our kombucha including and filled bottles. This allows you to get a professional, high quality, effective product.
    Purely Living Kombucha does not use ingredients treated with chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. The flavor does not come from extracts, essences, pasteurized juice, or dried fruit. Even organic flavorings, juices, essences and extracts can be highly processed and do not retain nutritional value as with our cold-pressed fruit. Most herbs, flavorings, essences, extracts and juices (which are used in most kombucha) are extracted and made using high heat, irradiation, or a chemical process. The color of our drink distinctly proves that it is made with real, raw fruit. The nutritional benefits of the fruit are alive as the color of our kombucha reveals.
    Purely Living does not use spices or herbs that have been irradiated. Any herbs or spices that are not organic are most likely irradiated. This process pasteurizes, destroys, and denatures much of the nutritional content of food, and produces a number of toxic byproducts. Evidence suggests this causes detrimental health effects.
    Purely Living Kombucha is of highest quality because it is made under strict conditions. It is made with highly filtered water to eliminate toxins and in a ductless, ventless facility to control the air-born pathogens from being fermented into the kombucha.