Kombucha is one of the best fermented products for boosting the immune system, improving digestion, and encouraging weight loss and detoxification. The list of benefits goes on and on and the Purely Living Kombucha is the best for quality and natural flavors, especially the coffee flavor!
— Dr. Patrick Flynn, Owner of the Wellness Way Clinics
Purely Living Kombucha is by far the best kombucha product I have come across. The fermentation process, all-natural flavor development, and overall quality is top of the line. We live in a world that desperately needs products like this to help reestablish the healthy gut microbiome. The gut is the key to optimal health and Purely Living is my go to kombucha product.
— Dr. Greg Abbott

Purely Living Kombucha boasts lots of flavor with a natural effervescence! I encourage my patients every day to increase the amount of fermented foods in their diet to improve the normal balance of good and bad bacteria in their guts. Purely Living is the best Kombucha product to achieve that! Only organic ingredients, real raw fruit (not juice, not dehydrated, no artificial flavors) and a fabulous flavor. Raspberry and blueberry flavors are great, but I had the privilege to try the Ginger-Honey kombucha today and it was fabulous!! I will absolutely continue to promote Purely Living brand of kombucha for the health of my patients.
— Dr. Kelly Felmer
For thousands of years kombucha has been enjoyed for its refreshing taste and many health benefits including immune support, detoxification properties, enhancing digestion, providing probiotics, digestive enzymes vitamins and minerals, positively influencing metabolism and many more.

Purely Living Kombucha being raw and organic has all the health benefits of the highest quality kombucha.

Starting with specifically selected the best raw, organic and pure ingredients and going through a very precise and strictly controlled fermentation process Purely Living Kombucha is in a class by itself, exceptional drinking experience, no other kombucha products can compare to it.

Purely Living Kombucha comes in many refreshing flavors, each one with distinctively unique bouquet and aroma, all equally delectably pleasing to the palate.

Love Purely Living Kombucha for its taste, appreciate its health benefits, enjoy without guilt.
— Dr. Maria Kraszynska M.D. | My Bioidentical Hormones
I have previous tried numerous brands of Kombucha and could not find any I enjoyed. It wasn’t until the discovery of Purely Living that I realized that Kombucha can be both good for you and taste good. Additionally, Purely Living is the only Kombucha on the market made with pure, whole ingredients that also maintains the proper health benefits of fermentation. I regularly recommend this product to my patients as a refreshing drink and a quality food that will help heal their bodies
— Dr. Jesse Anderson


I had tried other brands prior and had even brewed my own, but there is no comparison in taste, quality, craftsmanship and health benefits to Purely Living! It has become a vital part of my daily routine! After having struggled with chronic health issues I truly believe in the healing power of the probiotics and antioxidants in Purely Living Kombucha, and it has been one of the key elements in my journey back to health! Gerard is a brilliant master of his craft and the knowledge and love he puts into creating each batch of his Kombucha is clear. I truly don’t know what I would do without it!
— Gina L.
Purely Living Kombucha is great stuff! We don’t even live in the same state as Gerard (Founder and President of Purely Living), but we stock up on this amazing Kombucha every time we come to visit our daughter in Wisconsin. We live in Chicago, where there are all sorts of options, but there is nothing better that Purely Living Kombucha!
— Kathi R.
I have been drinking Purely Living’s Kombucha for longer than their business has been in existence. I remember Gerard being so excited to perfect each flavor... and he still is..! For me it’s the incredible natural flavor that stands out. Purely Living Kombucha tastes so rich and flavorful it almost demands a fine meal to accompany it. It’s bottled perfection!
— Michael H.
It is said that John Adams started every day by drinking a tankard of apple cider. I begin by drinking a tall glass of purely living kombucha after I wake. It is invigorating, healthy, energizing, and delicious. The organic ingredients, variety of flavors, and amazing taste makes purely living kombucha the ideal way to meet the sunrise. It remains the best healthy, organic, and flavorful way to continue as I drink several more glasses of healthy living throughout the day.
— Dr. Adam Stueck
I had been diagnosed with leaky gut and this spread to an infection in my leg. I was looking for something to help me heal, and by chance met Gerard (Founder and President of Purely Living) at the Farmers Market. We started talking and he suggested I try his Purely Living Kombucha, which I did. I believe this was a key to helping me recover. I have tried Purely Living strawberry, raspberry and the ginger-honey and they all taste fantastic. I have also tried several other Kombucha’s since and nothing compares to Purely Living Kombucha how it taste and the benefits of this product. I will continue to use Purely Living Kombucha for the health benefits.
— Dan O.
This is the best Kombucha money can buy! I only wish I tried it sooner. It’s delicious and makes me feel great. I believe it has been instrumental in my journey back from multiple illnesses. You can tell Gerard is passionate and devoted to this amazing Kombucha, and I’m so happy we found him.
— Russell F.

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