Raspberry Kombucha Vinaigrette

This vinaigrette makes your salad even healthier with live enzymes and probiotics from raspberry kombucha!

  • 1 cup Raspberry kombucha

  • 1/4 cup Apple cider vinegar

  • 1/4 cup Olive oil or other healthy oil

  • 1 Tablespoon Dijon mustard

  • Salt to taste

Put all ingredients in a jar and shake thoroughly.

Marvelous Magnificence of Mangoes


Mangoes are a source of 25 different kinds of cartenoids and abundant in enzymes.

Mangoes . . . it’s hard to believe something so delicious could be so healthy! The deep golden color reveals its high amount of antioxidants called beta carotene. Research shows that these antioxidants may protect against colon, breast, leukemia, and prostate cancers along with protecting heart, brain, and eye health.

Powerful Vitamins: Mangoes are an excellent source of Vitamin C. The powerful combination of Vitamin A and C can help fight many diseases by keeping the immune system strong. Mangoes are also high in potassium and are a source of Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K.

Quercetin Source: Mangoes have also been shown to be a good source of quercetin which is found to help fight free radical damage, the effects of aging, and inflammation. Quercetin is also anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and an anti-allergic agent.

Protection of Polyphenols: Studies show that the polyphenols may protect human cells against damage due to oxidative stress leading to lipid peroxidation, DNA damage, and many degenerative diseases. The combination of different polyphenols in mangoes provides a synergistic effect and gives maximum antioxidative activity.

Lowers Inflammation and Blood Pressure: A study was shown that regular consumption of mangoes lowered inflammation. In addition, it had also shown potential in prevention and treatment of obesity and metabolic disorders. Studies had also shown mangoes to significantly decrease blood pressure.

Amazing Gallic Acid Source: Mangoes are an excellent source of gallic acid. A study in the “Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology,” indicate that gallic acid helps to protect our cells and possesses significant antioxidant activity and appears to protect from the harmful effects of free radicals. It was shown to have cytotoxicity against cancer cells without harming healthy cells. Another study in the journal "Toxicological Sciences" found gallic acid to have anti-inflammatory properties and prevents the expression of inflammatory chemicals including cytokines and histamines. Gallic acid may also benefit diabetes patients by triggering the release of insulin by the pancreatic cells, says a study published in the January 2010 issue of the “Phytothreapy Research.” Gallic acid also has been found to have anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.

Absorption by the Human Body: With all these antioxidants and nutrients in mangoes, how can we make sure we’re getting the maximum benefit? Since factors, such as plant cell walls and gastric health, effect the release and absorption of these antioxidants in the human body, the maximum amount of antioxidants and nutrients are not fully used. An effective way to increase absorption of these important antioxidants is through fermentation. According to studies, fermentation was found to increase availability of antioxidants and nutrients. This is the result of microbial hydrolysis reaction in fermentation. Moreover, fermentation induces breakdown of plant cell walls, leading to the liberation or synthesis of antioxidants. Fermentation also appears to help with metal detoxification. The production of protease, α-amylase and some other enzymes can be influenced by fermentation and appear to have metal ion chelation activity. In addition, kombucha aids the stomach in digestion giving additional support to absorbing nutrients.

Effective Source: An effective source of mango antioxidants is Purely Living Kombucha. Purely Living Kombucha ferments only raw mangoes to help retain its important nutrients and antioxidants. These mangoes are fermented with the kombucha. The powerful combination of kombucha and fermented raw mangoes make Purely Living Kombucha a healthy powerhouse to your body! This is why many people are raving about the dramatic effects of Purely Living Kombucha.












What is REALLY causing your stomach issues?

Stomach ache.jpg

IBS, acid reflux, ulcerative colitis, indigestion, so many digestive diseases . . . Could there be a simple solution?

Too much acid?? Do you have digestive issues such as acid reflux, IBS, ulcerative colitis, or others? What is the real cause of these issues? Many people assume it is excessive acid and only treat the symptoms, but getting to the real cause is vital. Contrary to popular belief, these issues can actually be a result of too little acid. Excessive acid can actually be a symptom of the cause. Your body may be compensating to make up for the low stomach acid which results in excess acid backing up and causing many conditions such as ulcers, heartburn, acid reflux, IBS, indigestion, excessive gas, etc.

Too little acid?? Low stomach acid also causes food to be improperly digested resulting in symptoms such as constipation, bloating, excessive gas, diarrhea, intestinal infections, food allergies or sensitivities, acne, chronic fatigue, parasites, dry skin or hair, weak or cracked nails, asthma, depression, osteoporosis, immune problems, candida, and more. Stomach acid is needed to kill bacteria and other infections we’re exposed to daily; therefore, it also affects the immune system also. Because stomach acid is needed to break down our food correctly, protein, minerals, and nutrients are not absorbed properly. This results in many of the listed symptoms including feeling sluggish, sapping our brain power and contributing to the promotion of other chronic diseases. Calcium may build up because of not being properly digested resulting in soft tissue calcification which contributes to issues such as arthritis, bursitis, cataracts, neuritis, kidney stones, gall stones, and tarter build up.

True or False: Drink more water. Many people are convinced that our body is too acidic. It’s a great selling point in getting consumers to buy lots of water or buy alkaline water systems which actually can cause more damage. In fact, it is more common for our bodies to be too alkaline. As we age, our stomach acid weakens causing our stomach acid to become less acidic. In addition, drinking large amounts of water can flush out electrolytes and reduce stomach acid. According to the FDA, lowering stomach acid for more than eight weeks is dangerous. Taking medications to lower stomach acid is not the answer. It simply temporarily eliminates a symptom. These medications will, unfortunately, decrease stomach acid even more. It can also increase risk for stomach cancer and ulcers.

Increasing acid. An unusual fix for this problem, unknown to most people, is adding additional acid to the stomach to resolve the stomach from overcompensating from too little acid. Acetic acid is an effective source for your stomach. Acetic acid increases your stomach acid and is a great way to prevent the stomach pH from getting too high. This reduces acid reflux and allows better digestion of food resulting in effective absorption of protein, nutrients, and minerals. Acetic acid also helps to flush out protein waste if consuming high protein or on a ketosis diet.

Consumable stomach aid. The best palatable source of acetic acid is found through a long fermented kombucha. The longer fermentation time increases acetic acid and reduces sugar. The double fermentation time makes it very effective, yet without tasting like vinegar.  This also increases enzymes, cultures, and other beneficial acids to aid in digestion. In addition, Purely Living Kombucha has the probiotic called Saccharomyces boulardi. This probiotic gives further aid by keeping gut bacteria in balance. Proper gut health appears to be a key to fighting against chronic diseases.

Effective and safe source. Because of the effective way Purely Living Kombucha is fermented, people are raving about its success with their digestive disorders in addition to its great taste. Many customers also state it helps with their energy, arthritis, candida, constipation, stomach issues, weight loss, immune system, plus more. In addition, Purely Living is FDA inspected and regulated for additional assurance of safety and purity. This FDA regulation assures that the kombucha is pure and produced and stored in a safe manner keeping it safe from harmful bacteria and other pathogens. For locations of Purely Living Kombucha, click here.









Help Us Be A Voice To Doctors

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Please let health professionals know that there are solutions besides medications. Encourage others and show them that there is hope for their health issues.

PLEASE BE A VOICE TO DOCTORS! Many of you have told us that Purely Living Kombucha has helped you with health issues. Please let health professionals know that there are solutions besides medications. We'd appreciate you answering this short survey (only 5 questions), and encourage others by letting them know that there is hope for their health issues. Your identity will be confidential.

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Do You Know How to Effectively Lower Your Blood Sugar and Lose Weight?


Research has shown this simple component to lower blood sugar, decrease appetite, and lower blood pressure.

Have you ever heard of acetic acid? Studies have shown it to help lower blood sugar, decrease appetite, lower blood pressure, aid in digestive disorders, and more. This component, found in kombucha, continues to prove the testimonies of its effectiveness. Many people who start drinking kombucha, continue to do so after experiencing these amazing health benefits. Kombucha has many individual components that contribute to great health benefits. In this article, we will focus on the research of acetic acid.

Lower blood pressure

Studies observed lower blood pressure after six weeks of consuming acetic acid. In addition, the research has shown acetic acid to enhance calcium absorption, possibly giving the reason for the lowering of blood pressure. Increasing calcium absorption is another unexpected benefit in helping with osteoporosis.

Weight loss and lower blood sugar

Decreased glucose levels and increased weight loss are some of the benefits reported. The acetic acid in kombucha has been shown to lower blood sugar and increase feelings of fullness. Weight loss may occur because of the decreased appetite and lower glucose levels.

Decreased blood sugar: Drinking kombucha with a meal may help lower glucose levels from the meal. When acetic acid was given with a meal, the glycemic levels of the subjects were reduced by over 30 percent. This was also seen in subjects with insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes. Increasing acetic acid showed direct relationship to decreasing glycemic levels.

Reduced appetite: In addition, subjects were noted to have increased feelings of fullness from the meal. Research also has shown that a lower glycemic meal increases feelings of satiety, thus reducing appetite. A relationship was observed in the more acetic acid with the meal, the more feelings of fullness.

Consumable acetic acid source

The best consumable source of acetic acid is found through a long fermented kombucha. The longer fermentation time increases acetic acid making it more effective along with reducing the sugar content.

Sugar Caution! Consuming kombucha that is fermented for longer periods is vital. Longer fermentation time not only increases acetic acid but also lowers sugar content. This makes the kombucha much more effective. To reduce costs, many kombucha companies use a shorter fermentation time. In addition to short fermentation times, many kombuchas use sugar when bottling to give the extra fizz to the drink. This results in high sugar content in kombucha. High sugar content in kombucha may counter the benefits found in acetic acid.

Lower sugar, higher acetic acid source: Purely Living double ferments their kombucha to lower sugar and increase acetic acid content resulting in a much more beneficial and effective kombucha. This also results in other benefits of increased enzymes, cultures, and other beneficial acids. This may be the reason people are raving about the effectiveness of Purely Living Kombucha stating it lowers blood pressure, lowers glucose levels, lowers insulin needed for diabetics, helps lose weight, helps arthritis, gives energy, eliminates digestive disorders, and so much more. In addition, Purely Living is FDA inspected and regulated for additional assurance of safety and purity. For locations of Purely Living Kombucha, click here.

In our next article, we will cover how the acetic acid in kombucha is shown to help with digestive disorders.






The Importance of Using Raw Fruit in Kombucha

Girl with glass fruit.jpg

Fermented raw fruit adds amazing health benefits giving this kombucha an extra boost of power!

Fermentation releases antioxidants. Why do many of the varieties of Purely Living Kombucha consist of raw fruit? This important ingredient adds incredible benefits when used during the fermentation process. Raw fruit is high in antioxidants which is why Purely Living uses this vital ingredient. Instead of using pasteurized juice, dried essences, and extracts which have undergone a heating process, Purely Living uses unheated and unpasteurized food to help retain antioxidants. Retaining these antioxidants is vital since the fermentation process increases bioavailability of antioxidants. According to studies, fermentation aids in releasing antioxidants that are normally bound by plant cell walls. Fermentation helps to break down plant cell walls “leading to the liberation or synthesis of various antioxidant compounds,” (1) This gives consumers a greater benefit of additional antioxidants normally unavailable in eating raw fruit. In addition, antioxidant activity is also increased because  of “an increase in the amount of phenolic compounds and flavonoids during fermentation, which is the result of a microbial hydrolysis reaction.” (1)

Free radical terminators and metal chelators. Antioxidants are well known for the many incredible benefits to the human body. “These antioxidant compounds can act as free radical terminators, metal chelators, singlet oxygen quenchers, or hydrogen donors to radicals.” (1) In addition, “The production of protease, α-amylase and some other enzymes can be influenced by fermentation that may have metal ion chelation activity.” (1)

Ferment fruit, not dust mites! Purely Living Kombucha is fermented extra-long using a unique fermentation method. The strictly controlled environment allows direct and immediate fermentation of tea and raw ingredients instead of dust, dust mites, and other air-borne pathogens resulting in additional fermentation time of the pure ingredients. See how dust mites and air-borne pathogens contaminate kombucha here. In other words, instead of wasting time on the fermentation of air-borne particles, the raw ingredients are fermented exclusively and immediately thus giving an additional longer and more effective fermentation time.

Can you see your hand through a glass of fruit kombucha? Evidence of antioxidants are clearly seen in the bright colors of the kombucha from the fermented, raw fruit. Further evidence is revealed by looking at a clear glass of Purely Living Kombucha. When looking through this glass of kombucha, your hand cannot be clearly seen. It is so full of enzymes, cultures, and raw fruit that a glass of this kombucha is not transparent.

Why are so many customers raving about the potency and power of Purely Living Kombucha? Using raw fruit in a strictly controlled, pure environment is what makes this kombucha so effective.



(1)    Hur, Sun & Yuan Lee, Seung & Kim, Young-Chan & Choi, Inwook & Kim, Geun-Bae. (2014). Effect of fermentation on the antioxidant activity in plant-based foods. Food chemistry. 160C. 346-356. 10.1016/j.foodchem.2014.03.112.

Wang CY, Wu SJ, Shyu YT, J Biosci Bioeng. 2014 Apr;117(4):449-56. doi: 10.1016/j.jbiosc.2013.10.002. Epub 2013 Nov 8. Antioxidant properties of certain cereals as affected by food-grade bacteria fermentation.

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Parrella, Alfredo & Caterino, Emanuela & Cangiano, Margherita & Criscuolo, Emma & Russo, Chiara & Lavorgna, Margherita & Isidori, Marina. (2012). Antioxidant properties of different milk fermented with lactic acid bacteria and yeast. International Journal of Food Science & Technology. 47. 10.1111/j.1365-2621.2012.03127.x.

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Growler Cleaning Instructions


In order to refill growlers, it is required to follow these cleaning and sanitizing directions.

For those refilling growlers of Purely Living Kombucha, it is necessary and vital to properly clean and sanitize your growlers before refilling. Because our kombucha is made from real fruit, you may find fruit pulp sticking to the growler after usage. In addition to sanitizing, it is also necessary to clean out pulp in the growler. A useful tool to clean out pulp is this cleaning brush.

To sanitize, you may use bleach. Otherwise, another non-toxic sanitizer that is safe for people and the environment is called Star San, which is also a non-rinse cleaner. If using bleach, add 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of bleach to a growler filled with water. If you let this solution soak overnight, it may help to stop the pulp from sticking. Be sure to rinse out bleach solution completely. For Star San, only about 1/2 teaspoon is needed per growler. Follow directions on Star San container.


Are There Toxins in YOUR Tea?

Tea bag.jpg

Tea has incredible health benefits, but you may have heard that tea can be a source of toxins. However, not all teas are the same. How can you find a tea that is safe?

Tea is an incredibly healthy food. It is found to not only be high in antioxidants, but studies have found that it may help with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, weight loss, lower cholesterol, and mental alertness. Tea also appears to have antimicrobial qualities in which studies show tea my help to fight bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Many studies have confirmed tea to be highly beneficial. Unfortunately, other studies have revealed tea to contain toxins.

What kind of toxins have been found in tea? Past studies found tea to contain cadmium, arsenic, lead, and aluminum. One study done found lead and aluminum in teas including organic. With the highest lead and aluminum content found in Oolong tea and the second highest aluminum content found in black tea. Another study found Chinese green tea to be the highest in total heavy metals. The highest levels were found in the lower quality, older teas which can build up higher levels of metal over time. In addition, neglected grounds and crops have bushes that are not properly maintained allowing tea leaves to touch the ground absorbing additional metals and bacteria directly onto the leaves. High quality, more expensive teas source their tea from clean crops using young, top leaves. Low quality teas use as much of the leaves as possible including the older leaves and is processed mechanically. These teas may not only have the toxins from the ground but may also contain the dirt itself.

Testing on non-organic teas also revealed very high pesticides in many of the popular brands of teas on the market. This includes teas advertised to be healthy and natural.

In addition, many tea companies use artificial and “natural” flavorings and coloring. Even organic teas can contain unhealthy, toxic flavorings and still be labeled organic as long as the non-organic ingredients do not total more than five percent of the product. Teas may also use spices for flavoring. Spices were found to be high in pesticides and contaminated with insects, mold, yeasts, bird droppings, and pathogens like salmonella. For additional information on these findings, click here.

Teas are also found to have added GMO ingredients. This includes modified corn starch and soy lecithin (most corn and soy are genetically engineered unless organic).

Besides the toxins in the tea, tea bags can be made of PLA (polylactic acid) which is corn-based and most likely a GMO product. Some tea bags are also made from plastic, such as nylon, thermoplastic, PVC or polypropylene. Paper tea bags are often treated with epichlorophydrin, which can turn into a carcinogen when in contact with water. And who knows what’s in those staples? Boiling this bag of chemicals is definitely an unhealthy choice. Using loose leaf tea will eliminate these issues.

How can you be assured that your tea is safe? China’s response to years of negative press about shady quality has been to convert many operations to organic to show growth and competitiveness in the industry. Fortunately, in recent decades, China has significantly increased their reporting requirements for exporting food products out of their country. Specifically, they now require a two-week government-run screening period for all products to be tested for food safety and purity (micro testing, heavy metals and basic pesticide screening) before it can ship out of the country.

Is your tea traceable? In addition to the standard testing run on teas, it is important that your tea is traceable, this helps to assure you know where your tea comes from and the details of that particular farm and crop. It is important that these farms are clean and are maintaining accurate testing and records with detailed information. This ensures accountability with the farmers.

How to increase tea benefits. Tea studies show tea can be very high in antioxidants. What better way to increase these antioxidants but by fermentation. Research shows fermentation increases availability of antioxidants. For further research information, click here. Kombucha, a fermented tea, can be a great way to receive increased benefits from loose leaf tea. However, it is vital that your tea comes from a reputable, traceable source. A company that sources directly from a reputable importer is Purely Living Kombucha. Their importer sources only from trusted farmers known and tested to have safe tea along with long term partnerships. Furthermore, additional testing is done along with visits to the farms on a regular basis to perform their own audits of the facilities making teas. In addition, all suppliers must be able to provide a full report from CIQ (China Inspection and Quarantine). Their importer also has careful monitoring of new developments at origin, and the ability to support higher quality standards. This importer has highly detailed information and can offer a degree of transparency and traceability not available when intermediaries are involved.

It is important to be educated consumers and make our food suppliers accountable. Consumers demanding to know how and where your food is sourced will require suppliers to increase quality and testing standards. Buying from these reputable suppliers will help eliminate dangerous foods that can damage the health of adults and children and give further assurance to our future generations.













Are You REALLY Allergic to Tea?

Tea floating.jpg

Is tea really the culprit when testing positive for a tea allergy? Maybe you could enjoy the benefits of tea again if you are careful in your tea choice.

Many people have been told they’re allergic to tea. Why are people finding themselves allergic to tea which is shown to be such a healthy food? Tea is high in antioxidants and studies have found that it may help with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, weight loss, lower cholesterol, and mental alertness. Tea also appears to have antimicrobial qualities in which studies show tea may help to fight bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Could it be you’re did not test a positive allergy to the tea itself but the toxins commonly found with tea? Maybe it was not the tea you had reactions with, but the pesticides, metals, and other toxins in the tea. Find out why you may not actually be allergic to tea here.

Do You Know What's In YOUR Healthy Food?

Green drink.jpg

Your healthy food may have more ingredients hidden than what is listed.

As consumers, it is important that we know exactly what is in our food. Some packaged foods appear natural and healthy; however, looks can be deceiving. When reading the ingredients, you may see “natural” flavorings or colors. It sounds safe, but is it?

How about organic food? Even organic foods can contain unhealthy, toxic flavorings and still be labeled organic. If the non-organic ingredients do not total more than five percent of the product, it can still be labeled as organic.  

The terms “artificial flavorings” or “natural flavorings” can be used without revealing origination and hide several ingredients that companies are not required to reveal. “Natural” additives can include anything broken down in nature that comes from any plant or animal matter, even bugs. These plants or animals can be grown using hormones, pesticides, or toxic chemicals and can also be grown in questionable conditions. A “natural” flavoring or color could consist of a chemical taken out of glands from a beaver or Natural Red #4 made from dried and ground up cochina beetles, for example. Even MSG can be labeled as natural flavoring. Artificial flavorings can include ingredients produced by fractional distillation and chemical manipulation of various chemicals like crude oil or coal tar. It is unfortunate that consumers are not able to know the source of these flavors and colors.

How about extracts, essences or juices? That sounds healthier. However, even extracts, essences, juices, and other ingredients that look natural can be made from a product that is genetically engineered, grown with chemicals, and grown in questionable conditions.

Are spices safe? Non-organic spices can be high in pesticides and can be contaminated with insects, mold, yeasts, bird droppings, and pathogens like salmonella. According to the FDA, “Spice shipments from 79 countries were examined for Salmonella, and we found that 37 of the 79 countries had Salmonella-contaminated shipments . . . We also found that approximately 12 percent of the spice shipments offered for entry to the U.S. during a three-year period (FY 2007 to FY 2009) were adulterated with filth such as insects and animal hair.” Therefore, non-organic spices are sterilized with toxic chemicals or radiation. Remember, these non-organic, toxic spices can be used in products that are labeled organic if the product still has 95% of organic ingredients. In addition, the processing and chemicals used in drying the spices and making them into powder may also be toxic.

Even my healthy drink? Check the ingredients in your products. Drinks, such as tea or coffee, and even kombucha and other health drinks, including organic, are notorious for adding in flavorings. Making a healthy drink taste good can be difficult without adding in flavorings. Juices used for flavorings are pasteurized which can denature a product and kill anything healthy. When buying food and drinks, make sure you know where the flavoring and color comes from. The best form of color and flavor is from unheated, whole food without the additives, chemicals, and without the heating and denaturing of the natural product. Natural or artificial flavors and colors, extracts, essences, juices can turn a healthy product into a toxic product.

Be sure to look for a product that uses only real food for its flavors. This will help prevent unknown additives and increase nutritive value. Your body will also be able to utilize the nutrition more effectively by consuming the food in its original, whole form. For a highly recommended product that uses only raw, whole food for it’s flavor, click here.