What is REALLY causing your stomach issues?

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IBS, acid reflux, ulcerative colitis, indigestion, so many digestive diseases . . . Could there be a simple solution?

Too much acid?? Do you have digestive issues such as acid reflux, IBS, ulcerative colitis, or others? What is the real cause of these issues? Many people assume it is excessive acid and only treat the symptoms, but getting to the real cause is vital. Contrary to popular belief, these issues can actually be a result of too little acid. Excessive acid can actually be a symptom of the cause. Your body may be compensating to make up for the low stomach acid which results in excess acid backing up and causing many conditions such as ulcers, heartburn, acid reflux, IBS, indigestion, excessive gas, etc.

Too little acid?? Low stomach acid also causes food to be improperly digested resulting in symptoms such as constipation, bloating, excessive gas, diarrhea, intestinal infections, food allergies or sensitivities, acne, chronic fatigue, parasites, dry skin or hair, weak or cracked nails, asthma, depression, osteoporosis, immune problems, candida, and more. Stomach acid is needed to kill bacteria and other infections we’re exposed to daily; therefore, it also affects the immune system also. Because stomach acid is needed to break down our food correctly, protein, minerals, and nutrients are not absorbed properly. This results in many of the listed symptoms including feeling sluggish, sapping our brain power and contributing to the promotion of other chronic diseases. Calcium may build up because of not being properly digested resulting in soft tissue calcification which contributes to issues such as arthritis, bursitis, cataracts, neuritis, kidney stones, gall stones, and tarter build up.

True or False: Drink more water. Many people are convinced that our body is too acidic. It’s a great selling point in getting consumers to buy lots of water or buy alkaline water systems which actually can cause more damage. In fact, it is more common for our bodies to be too alkaline. As we age, our stomach acid weakens causing our stomach acid to become less acidic. In addition, drinking large amounts of water can flush out electrolytes and reduce stomach acid. According to the FDA, lowering stomach acid for more than eight weeks is dangerous. Taking medications to lower stomach acid is not the answer. It simply temporarily eliminates a symptom. These medications will, unfortunately, decrease stomach acid even more. It can also increase risk for stomach cancer and ulcers.

Increasing acid. An unusual fix for this problem, unknown to most people, is adding additional acid to the stomach to resolve the stomach from overcompensating from too little acid. Acetic acid is an effective source for your stomach. Acetic acid increases your stomach acid and is a great way to prevent the stomach pH from getting too high. This reduces acid reflux and allows better digestion of food resulting in effective absorption of protein, nutrients, and minerals. Acetic acid also helps to flush out protein waste if consuming high protein or on a ketosis diet.

Consumable stomach aid. The best palatable source of acetic acid is found through a long fermented kombucha. The longer fermentation time increases acetic acid and reduces sugar. The double fermentation time makes it very effective, yet without tasting like vinegar.  This also increases enzymes, cultures, and other beneficial acids to aid in digestion. In addition, Purely Living Kombucha has the probiotic called Saccharomyces boulardi. This probiotic gives further aid by keeping gut bacteria in balance. Proper gut health appears to be a key to fighting against chronic diseases.

Effective and safe source. Because of the effective way Purely Living Kombucha is fermented, people are raving about its success with their digestive disorders in addition to its great taste. Many customers also state it helps with their energy, arthritis, candida, constipation, stomach issues, weight loss, immune system, plus more. In addition, Purely Living is FDA inspected and regulated for additional assurance of safety and purity. This FDA regulation assures that the kombucha is pure and produced and stored in a safe manner keeping it safe from harmful bacteria and other pathogens. For locations of Purely Living Kombucha, click here.









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Do You Know How to Effectively Lower Your Blood Sugar and Lose Weight?


Research has shown this simple component to lower blood sugar, decrease appetite, and lower blood pressure.

Have you ever heard of acetic acid? Studies have shown it to help lower blood sugar, decrease appetite, lower blood pressure, aid in digestive disorders, and more. This component, found in kombucha, continues to prove the testimonies of its effectiveness. Many people who start drinking kombucha, continue to do so after experiencing these amazing health benefits. Kombucha has many individual components that contribute to great health benefits. In this article, we will focus on the research of acetic acid.

Lower blood pressure

Studies observed lower blood pressure after six weeks of consuming acetic acid. In addition, the research has shown acetic acid to enhance calcium absorption, possibly giving the reason for the lowering of blood pressure. Increasing calcium absorption is another unexpected benefit in helping with osteoporosis.

Weight loss and lower blood sugar

Decreased glucose levels and increased weight loss are some of the benefits reported. The acetic acid in kombucha has been shown to lower blood sugar and increase feelings of fullness. Weight loss may occur because of the decreased appetite and lower glucose levels.

Decreased blood sugar: Drinking kombucha with a meal may help lower glucose levels from the meal. When acetic acid was given with a meal, the glycemic levels of the subjects were reduced by over 30 percent. This was also seen in subjects with insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes. Increasing acetic acid showed direct relationship to decreasing glycemic levels.

Reduced appetite: In addition, subjects were noted to have increased feelings of fullness from the meal. Research also has shown that a lower glycemic meal increases feelings of satiety, thus reducing appetite. A relationship was observed in the more acetic acid with the meal, the more feelings of fullness.

Consumable acetic acid source

The best consumable source of acetic acid is found through a long fermented kombucha. The longer fermentation time increases acetic acid making it more effective along with reducing the sugar content.

Sugar Caution! Consuming kombucha that is fermented for longer periods is vital. Longer fermentation time not only increases acetic acid but also lowers sugar content. This makes the kombucha much more effective. To reduce costs, many kombucha companies use a shorter fermentation time. In addition to short fermentation times, many kombuchas use sugar when bottling to give the extra fizz to the drink. This results in high sugar content in kombucha. High sugar content in kombucha may counter the benefits found in acetic acid.

Lower sugar, higher acetic acid source: Purely Living double ferments their kombucha to lower sugar and increase acetic acid content resulting in a much more beneficial and effective kombucha. This also results in other benefits of increased enzymes, cultures, and other beneficial acids. This may be the reason people are raving about the effectiveness of Purely Living Kombucha stating it lowers blood pressure, lowers glucose levels, lowers insulin needed for diabetics, helps lose weight, helps arthritis, gives energy, eliminates digestive disorders, and so much more. In addition, Purely Living is FDA inspected and regulated for additional assurance of safety and purity. For locations of Purely Living Kombucha, click here.

In our next article, we will cover how the acetic acid in kombucha is shown to help with digestive disorders.






The Importance of Using Raw Fruit in Kombucha

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Fermented raw fruit adds amazing health benefits giving this kombucha an extra boost of power!

Fermentation releases antioxidants. Why do many of the varieties of Purely Living Kombucha consist of raw fruit? This important ingredient adds incredible benefits when used during the fermentation process. Raw fruit is high in antioxidants which is why Purely Living uses this vital ingredient. Instead of using pasteurized juice, dried essences, and extracts which have undergone a heating process, Purely Living uses unheated and unpasteurized food to help retain antioxidants. Retaining these antioxidants is vital since the fermentation process increases bioavailability of antioxidants. According to studies, fermentation aids in releasing antioxidants that are normally bound by plant cell walls. Fermentation helps to break down plant cell walls “leading to the liberation or synthesis of various antioxidant compounds,” (1) This gives consumers a greater benefit of additional antioxidants normally unavailable in eating raw fruit. In addition, antioxidant activity is also increased because  of “an increase in the amount of phenolic compounds and flavonoids during fermentation, which is the result of a microbial hydrolysis reaction.” (1)

Free radical terminators and metal chelators. Antioxidants are well known for the many incredible benefits to the human body. “These antioxidant compounds can act as free radical terminators, metal chelators, singlet oxygen quenchers, or hydrogen donors to radicals.” (1) In addition, “The production of protease, α-amylase and some other enzymes can be influenced by fermentation that may have metal ion chelation activity.” (1)

Ferment fruit, not dust mites! Purely Living Kombucha is fermented extra-long using a unique fermentation method. The strictly controlled environment allows direct and immediate fermentation of tea and raw ingredients instead of dust, dust mites, and other air-borne pathogens resulting in additional fermentation time of the pure ingredients. See how dust mites and air-borne pathogens contaminate kombucha here. In other words, instead of wasting time on the fermentation of air-borne particles, the raw ingredients are fermented exclusively and immediately thus giving an additional longer and more effective fermentation time.

Can you see your hand through a glass of fruit kombucha? Evidence of antioxidants are clearly seen in the bright colors of the kombucha from the fermented, raw fruit. Further evidence is revealed by looking at a clear glass of Purely Living Kombucha. When looking through this glass of kombucha, your hand cannot be clearly seen. It is so full of enzymes, cultures, and raw fruit that a glass of this kombucha is not transparent.

Why are so many customers raving about the potency and power of Purely Living Kombucha? Using raw fruit in a strictly controlled, pure environment is what makes this kombucha so effective.



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