The Importance of Using Raw Fruit in Kombucha

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Fermented raw fruit adds amazing health benefits giving this kombucha an extra boost of power!

Fermentation releases antioxidants. Why do many of the varieties of Purely Living Kombucha consist of raw fruit? This important ingredient adds incredible benefits when used during the fermentation process. Raw fruit is high in antioxidants which is why Purely Living uses this vital ingredient. Instead of using pasteurized juice, dried essences, and extracts which have undergone a heating process, Purely Living uses unheated and unpasteurized food to help retain antioxidants. Retaining these antioxidants is vital since the fermentation process increases bioavailability of antioxidants. According to studies, fermentation aids in releasing antioxidants that are normally bound by plant cell walls. Fermentation helps to break down plant cell walls “leading to the liberation or synthesis of various antioxidant compounds,” (1) This gives consumers a greater benefit of additional antioxidants normally unavailable in eating raw fruit. In addition, antioxidant activity is also increased because  of “an increase in the amount of phenolic compounds and flavonoids during fermentation, which is the result of a microbial hydrolysis reaction.” (1)

Free radical terminators and metal chelators. Antioxidants are well known for the many incredible benefits to the human body. “These antioxidant compounds can act as free radical terminators, metal chelators, singlet oxygen quenchers, or hydrogen donors to radicals.” (1) In addition, “The production of protease, α-amylase and some other enzymes can be influenced by fermentation that may have metal ion chelation activity.” (1)

Ferment fruit, not dust mites! Purely Living Kombucha is fermented extra-long using a unique fermentation method. The strictly controlled environment allows direct and immediate fermentation of tea and raw ingredients instead of dust, dust mites, and other air-borne pathogens resulting in additional fermentation time of the pure ingredients. See how dust mites and air-borne pathogens contaminate kombucha here. In other words, instead of wasting time on the fermentation of air-borne particles, the raw ingredients are fermented exclusively and immediately thus giving an additional longer and more effective fermentation time.

Can you see your hand through a glass of fruit kombucha? Evidence of antioxidants are clearly seen in the bright colors of the kombucha from the fermented, raw fruit. Further evidence is revealed by looking at a clear glass of Purely Living Kombucha. When looking through this glass of kombucha, your hand cannot be clearly seen. It is so full of enzymes, cultures, and raw fruit that a glass of this kombucha is not transparent.

Why are so many customers raving about the potency and power of Purely Living Kombucha? Using raw fruit in a strictly controlled, pure environment is what makes this kombucha so effective.



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Increasing Antioxidants in Your Lifestyle


Studies indicate that free radicals can cause many conditions, including macular degeneration, cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, ulcers and inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis and lupus (1).  Antioxidants are well known for their ability to fight against many of these diseases by protecting against the damage of free radicals in our body. Most antioxidants come from fresh fruits and vegetables. Many supplements also contain antioxidants, but studies show that supplements are not as effective as food sources and could, in fact, cause damage depending on the type and quality of the supplement.

Being able to increase consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is not always easy. Our access to the food sources and busy life styles make it more difficult to prepare and consume fresh produce.

An effective way to increase antioxidants is through consuming fermented plant-based foods. Studies show that plant-based foods which are fermented increase availability of antioxidants. “The ability of fermentation to improve antioxidant activity is primarily due to an increase in the amount of phenolic compounds and flavonoids during fermentation . . .”(2) In addition, “fermentation induces the structural breakdown of plant cell walls, leading to the liberation or synthesis of various antioxidant compounds. These antioxidant compounds can act as free radical terminators, metal chelators, singlet oxygen quenchers, or hydrogen donors to radicals.”(1)

An effective way to increase antioxidants that is both delicious and convenient is to consume Purely Living Kombucha because it is made with raw produce. Purely Living Kombucha uses only raw fruit, honey, ginger, and cacao along with low temperature dried whole teas. Purely Living also has an extra long fermentation time which further increases antioxidant availability. The color and the flavor of Purely Living Kombucha comes only from the raw ingredients, no artificial colors, flavors, extracts, pasteurized juices, or essences are used. The bright color and flavor is clear evidence as to the high amounts of antioxidants. Quality and purity can also be assured with our product and facility being FDA regulated. Purity is also assured in every aspect of our ingredients and fermentation including eliminating water and air-borne toxins. This is why customers testify as to Purely Living Kombucha being so powerful and effective. 







As you probably already know and see by the color of our kombucha, the fruit Purely Living uses is raw and cold-pressed to retain antioxidants and nutrition value. According to the National Cancer Institute, "Antioxidants are chemicals that interact with and neutralize free radicals, thus preventing them from causing damage. Antioxidants are also known as 'free radical scavengers.'” (1) A 2008 study by Cornell University, measured cellular antioxidant activity (CAA) “The objective of the study was to determine the cellular antioxidant activity, total phenolic contents, and oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) values of 25 fruits commonly consumed in the United States. Pomegranate and berries (wild blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry) had the highest CAA values, . . . Apples were found to be the largest contributors of fruit phenolics to the American diet, and apple and strawberries were the biggest suppliers of cellular antioxidant activity.” (2) Our naturally colorful kombucha reveals the antioxidants it retains. Medical News Today states that “Blueberries contain a type of flavonoid known as anthocyanins, which are responsible for giving foods like blueberries, cranberries, red cabbage and eggplants their iconic deep red, purple and blue hues. Anthocyanins are responsible for more than just the blueberry's pretty blue color - they also contribute to the popular fruit's numerous health benefits.” (3)

Keeping the fruit raw in our kombucha is vital. According to, “We recommend enjoying raw blueberries — rather than relying upon blueberries incorporated into baked desserts — because, like other fruits, raw blueberries provide you with the best flavor and the greatest nutritional benefits.” (4)

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