Do You Know How to Effectively Lower Your Blood Sugar and Lose Weight?


Research has shown this simple component to lower blood sugar, decrease appetite, and lower blood pressure.

Have you ever heard of acetic acid? Studies have shown it to help lower blood sugar, decrease appetite, lower blood pressure, aid in digestive disorders, and more. This component, found in kombucha, continues to prove the testimonies of its effectiveness. Many people who start drinking kombucha, continue to do so after experiencing these amazing health benefits. Kombucha has many individual components that contribute to great health benefits. In this article, we will focus on the research of acetic acid.

Lower blood pressure

Studies observed lower blood pressure after six weeks of consuming acetic acid. In addition, the research has shown acetic acid to enhance calcium absorption, possibly giving the reason for the lowering of blood pressure. Increasing calcium absorption is another unexpected benefit in helping with osteoporosis.

Weight loss and lower blood sugar

Decreased glucose levels and increased weight loss are some of the benefits reported. The acetic acid in kombucha has been shown to lower blood sugar and increase feelings of fullness. Weight loss may occur because of the decreased appetite and lower glucose levels.

Decreased blood sugar: Drinking kombucha with a meal may help lower glucose levels from the meal. When acetic acid was given with a meal, the glycemic levels of the subjects were reduced by over 30 percent. This was also seen in subjects with insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes. Increasing acetic acid showed direct relationship to decreasing glycemic levels.

Reduced appetite: In addition, subjects were noted to have increased feelings of fullness from the meal. Research also has shown that a lower glycemic meal increases feelings of satiety, thus reducing appetite. A relationship was observed in the more acetic acid with the meal, the more feelings of fullness.

Consumable acetic acid source

The best consumable source of acetic acid is found through a long fermented kombucha. The longer fermentation time increases acetic acid making it more effective along with reducing the sugar content.

Sugar Caution! Consuming kombucha that is fermented for longer periods is vital. Longer fermentation time not only increases acetic acid but also lowers sugar content. This makes the kombucha much more effective. To reduce costs, many kombucha companies use a shorter fermentation time. In addition to short fermentation times, many kombuchas use sugar when bottling to give the extra fizz to the drink. This results in high sugar content in kombucha. High sugar content in kombucha may counter the benefits found in acetic acid.

Lower sugar, higher acetic acid source: Purely Living double ferments their kombucha to lower sugar and increase acetic acid content resulting in a much more beneficial and effective kombucha. This also results in other benefits of increased enzymes, cultures, and other beneficial acids. This may be the reason people are raving about the effectiveness of Purely Living Kombucha stating it lowers blood pressure, lowers glucose levels, lowers insulin needed for diabetics, helps lose weight, helps arthritis, gives energy, eliminates digestive disorders, and so much more. In addition, Purely Living is FDA inspected and regulated for additional assurance of safety and purity. For locations of Purely Living Kombucha, click here.

In our next article, we will cover how the acetic acid in kombucha is shown to help with digestive disorders.