Are You REALLY Allergic to Tea?

Tea floating.jpg

Is tea really the culprit when testing positive for a tea allergy? Maybe you could enjoy the benefits of tea again if you are careful in your tea choice.

Many people have been told they’re allergic to tea. Why are people finding themselves allergic to tea which is shown to be such a healthy food? Tea is high in antioxidants and studies have found that it may help with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, weight loss, lower cholesterol, and mental alertness. Tea also appears to have antimicrobial qualities in which studies show tea may help to fight bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Could it be you’re did not test a positive allergy to the tea itself but the toxins commonly found with tea? Maybe it was not the tea you had reactions with, but the pesticides, metals, and other toxins in the tea. Find out why you may not actually be allergic to tea here.